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Question - PLEASE REVIEW THIS and answer a question (if you know can)

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#1 PhreeX



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Posted 10 July 2007 - 05:31 PM

Sorry to have such a demanding subject but I don't want this auction to be removed from eBay's database before someone that knows whats up can review it ...


Now you can NOT DENY that is a damn good deal ... the bump hammers go for like $40 alone on eBay ... I had a bid of $121.01 ready to submit but at the last minute, of course, I was snipped by people with sniping software ....

My question:

Looks like he has all the keys offered here, and honestly, I often come across locks with no names on them so I wouldn't know what key to use, but he says he has "42 UNIQUE KEYS" - does ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA if any of those keys are actually worth having, I mean, he doesn't list what they are, but really, you think there could have been anything in there that would be a bump key that you just wouldn't find anywhere else?

(Note: I namely wanted it for the keys I don't have/have not ordered, for the bump hammer - a HUGE PLUS - and yeah, the deadbolt locks to practice on (as those retail for about $15 for a basic Schlage, a lock I can already bump blindfolded...)

I am just so pissed I lost that auction as it had so many things that could have aided me and it may also have had some keys you just cant really find blanks for/originals to file down/etc...

Anyone have any ideas if the 11 keys (+ the SC20) are really all one would ever need, or if there could have been some gold in those keys?

Thanks guys!


#2 theopratr


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Posted 10 July 2007 - 10:43 PM

I would say that a 42 key bump key package is excessive. Offered by eBay, it's even more useless. I've purchased keys from most of the current sellers of "depth keys", and the quality is generally very poor. This isn't to say that you can't get a working key off an auction site, but buyer be warned... especially for that price.

As for the keys being worth that kind of money... forget about it. I hereby extend the offer to anyone that reads this: a 103 key package for just $400, including a bump hammer.

BEST has 16 stand alone keyways. Schlage has about a half dozen that are in common circulation, but another dozen that aren't. Master has about a dozen. Sargent has more than three dozen. Russwin? Fifty or more, easily.

A A1011MK will fix all the bests, an SC20 will fix all the Schlages, an S6 and S31 will fix all the Sargents and the Russwins... two Master keys for the first four dozen keyways, and then two or three other keys for non-standards. Not like you have a decent chance of ever successfully bumping a BEST, Sargent or Russwin without clawing your eyes out first.

So when a seller offers you a fantastic deal on an SC1, SC4, SC9, SC10, SC19 and the "very rare" SC20... it's dumb, because all of the keyways before it are taken care of by the SC20.

As for your bump hammer... I find absolutely no increase in success between home brewed and professional. I know it's nice to have, but I would recommend saving your money. The best home made design I've come across so far is an 1 inch cubed acrylic block screwed to a flexible yet rigid piece of plastic that's about 8 inches long. It's light, hard and it has enough flexibility to get the "flick" that you need. Plus, the total cost of construction, bolt included, is about three bucks. It out-performs my Tomahawk time and time again.

#3 Customer Support

Customer Support


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Posted 11 July 2007 - 12:16 AM

We normally just delete posts like this because of the links to other sites but theopratr has some valid counter points. In the past people would spam their own links trying to stir up some interest and to be on the safe side we would just delete all posts like this.

I hereby extend the offer to anyone that reads this: a 103 key package for just $400, including a bump hammer.

We'd be able to do it for $390 - message me if interested. :rolleyes:

To sum up what theop is saying - don't buy it.

James K. - Lead Support
For Order specific questions please use the 'contact us' link at the top of our store.

#4 theopratr


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Posted 11 July 2007 - 10:00 PM

I humbly acknowledge that I am unable to compete with bumpkey.us and their $390 counter-offer. For $500, however, I will electrolytically plate all of my (slightly) lower quality keys with silver. :wink:

Note: The bump hammer, being mostly polymers, will not be silver plated.

#5 PhreeX



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Posted 15 July 2007 - 08:48 PM

Oh, I wouldn't have posted this other then the AUCTION HAD ENDED BEFORE I MADE THE POST ... I was merely asking if there was reason to believe some of those extra keys would come in handy ...

Some of the locksmith suppliers offer the "Depth Key Sets" for a specific brand of lock (the ones that offer 10 depth keys with cuts 0 - an uncut blank - through 9 - deepest cut or a key that would work for bumping locks) .. those are at least not home-made, rather machine cut - but why pay $15 for 9 keys you don't need when you can buy the proper key here? But yeah, I have dealt with complaints from people I first turned onto key-bumping after I first saw it at DefCon last year - when eBay allowed you to put the word "bump key" in your product title - I made my first few keys, but some of the people I told about - and mazed by showing them how easy it was - were ripped off buying keys on eBay that turned out to be scrap keys from lock cutting places that were hand-filed ... to make things worse on the auctions often the pictures were of genuine bump-keys taken off websites that sold them (was this site up around September of last-year?) ...

I already know that professionally I would never have a need for any keys I have not already bought off this site, but I figured it could be nice to have a key for that one obscure lock that isn't commonplace, but really, given the hundreds of key blanks out there I guess you could actually have over a hundred "unique" keys but really a set of 11-12 would cover most all the locks.. I am the guy that has more tools then I ever would really need in my storage shed, that can't pass up a good deal ... recently locks and keys have become my obsession .. I know i don't need a lot of stuff but that OCD part of my brain cant sleep knowing I "just might" one day be in a situation where some obscure pick or key could save the day... I know I am not alone here... right guys? ;)