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Posted 29 June 2007 - 01:16 AM

Howz 'it everyone! I'm new to this 'bumping' method and have just received my set of keys. I normally use my lock pick tools to open locks, but when I discovered this new method, I just had to give it a try.

Being an active volunteer firefighter here in Hawaii, we respond to a lot of medical calls involving Seniors who are home alone, and one of our major obstacles is confronting a locked door. Currently, whenever we encounter a locked door situation, the police department is called to perform forceable entries, so that we are able to gain access to the patient. Now I know you must be thinking "fire departments have their own forceable entry tools, why are the police called in to perform this function?" Well, the tools we have for making such entries are used primarily for fighting fires, and causes great damage. And because once we transport the patient after gaining entry, it's hard for the fire department to secure the property safely after transporting. Besides, most of the time the police are right there alongside us, so we leave the responsibility part of the operation to them.

By using my lock picking tools, I'm able to compromise the tumblers without causing much damage to the door or the home, and this method is only utilized if the police department is unavailable to respond with us on medical calls. But as you know, picking a lock can sometimes take a few minutes to accomplish, and since the discovery of this alternative method, I hope to speed up the entry process when needed.

But as I've stated previously, I am still learning this bumping process and have yet to open my own front door. I've been successful with bumping padlocks so far, but the front door of my home is still being stubborn and won't cooperate with me. So I must practice more to achieve success. There's a lot of info to read here, and I hope to absorb as much info as possible.

Besides being a volunteer firefighter, for the past 21 years I've been working in the funeral industry as a crematory operator, and had left this profession recently due to marital problems. It's hard to have left my occupational family under such circumstances after 21 years of service, but I hope to return to my old job after things settle down. So I am seeking a new (temporary) job venture at this time, but jobs are not easy to come by, especially here in Hawaii.

My other interests includes Amateur (Ham) Radio, to which I'm currently holding a General Class License, riding my bike whenever possible and playing with locks (unlocking). Hope to meet all of you throughout the coming months as I cruise on through this forum. Thanks for reading this, and I'll be seeing all of you around... Aloooooha!