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Plug Spinners

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#1 sambob


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Posted 03 May 2007 - 11:09 AM

Hi I'm new to bumping, and lock picking, I got into it because I was intrigued with the idea of making my own tools. Or being locked out of my house and saying "Well I can get in just with a couple of paperclips, or with another one of my keys and a file".

I repeatedly have the problem of not being able to bump locks in the proper direction,, the answer to this is a plug spinner I know. Could someone explain how the action of a plug spinner works, and if this is an action that can be duplicated using tools I could make? I know you can buy them for cheap, but I've made everything else I'm using, o why not a plug spinner?

I can bump most locks repatedly, over and over again. I've got the tension down and how hard to hit the key, but I just cant ever seem to do it in the right direction. That is... on a lock that needs to go counterclockwise I can only get them to go clockwise, but on locks that need to go clockwise I can get them.

And yes I've tried searching.

#2 BLK


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Posted 03 May 2007 - 11:23 AM

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This is the one I use. I guess you could make your own if you have a hacksaw blade and a spring.

To use this model turn the crank in the direction that the plug is turned. When you let it go, it will spin past the pin chambers so the plug in on the other side.

Just a simple machine that is a lifesaver when you need it. You can also cram kite string in the keyway to hold the pins up so you can turn the plug once it is picked or bumped (if you can get the bump key out.)
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#3 sambob


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Posted 03 May 2007 - 11:25 AM

Thank you man.

#4 bentpick



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Posted 03 May 2007 - 09:19 PM

The small metal plug spinner suggested above will 'work', but what a piece of sh*t it is...they want around 24.00 for it...and I mean it is a cheap piece 'O cr*p. SouthOrd makes a pen plug spinner that is amazing...it is a small, heavy, finely crafted work of art. Its the difference between a ford pinto and a corvette, between a moped and a harley, between Bush and someone with a brain, between :eek: and :biggrin: ..........
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