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spamming cowtipper

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#1 Akina1021



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Posted 24 February 2007 - 09:59 PM

ok seriously... im sick of seeing you bring up old topics... you even replied to one of slickj's AUGUST 2006 posts??? is that even neccessary? i mean commenting on things is fine, but do you really need to comment on everyone's matters in the forums?

i appreciate some of the posts you made, and im glad you're willing to learn about bumping and locks, but still, stop the useless little comments in old posts... thats kinda tickin me off...

i dont mean to start any hate, this is the chat forum and i just noticed these things around lately... its just not cool to boost post count like that... and since slickj does the 100 post thing, i dont want it to be free keys to people just because of spamming the boards...
I never quit.... i wanna keep improving in everything i do in life... little by little everyday... i improve my skills...

#2 theopratr


    The Wise One

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Posted 25 February 2007 - 10:27 AM

"As of right now any member that reaches the 100 post mark will be eligible to receive free keys. We will NOT give free\promotional items to users that simply post spam or useless junk... we're trying to reward uses that actually add something to this forum, not simply give away keys to spammers." ... "The small print: Eligibility will be determined solely by us. If we determine that you've simply posted junk you will not be eligible."

I believe that what slick was trying to get at was that one hundred insightful, helpful posts may equal some free keys, at his discretion. Incessantly repeating what others have said, often with a single sentence per post, and talking about solar panels will most likely not fit the bill.

I agree that bumping is not a hateful sport in the least... I am happy that cowtipper is here participating on the forums, he just needs to calm down a bit regarding what is appropriate to post and with what frequency. That being said, I support his continued bumping education. I'd just like to not see my email inbox filled with 24 "Topic Reply Notifications" from threads that I responded to months ago, with replies that have no bearing on anything important.

#3 C0wT1pp3r



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Posted 25 February 2007 - 11:45 AM

i have nothing better to do. but if it makes you happier ill just leave the forum

#4 Customer Support

Customer Support


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Posted 25 February 2007 - 03:59 PM

i have nothing better to do. but if it makes you happier ill just leave the forum

I agree with everything that's been said in this thread thus far...
You are WELCOME in this forum!! We apperciate useful \ meaningful posts from all of our users... and as a way to REWARD USEFUL posts we decided to offer up keys for users at 100 posts. (we've still yet to send the free keys out :cry: ... it's coming soon, guys).

And i also agree with theopratr, i've been getting mass amounts of e-mail that state a 'reply has been made'. If a thread is old (IE my computer is HOT) there's really no point to bump it to the top. the only thing it's going to do is hide the useful \ new posts that have been made.

PLEASE, PLEASE don't bump terribly old threads or, do what appears to be, simply making posts to read the 100 post mark as you just won't be rewarded with free keys. If you're hell bent on getting keys, we can make up some type of discount code for you to use and get a discount without bumping old threads.

James K. - Lead Support
For Order specific questions please use the 'contact us' link at the top of our store.

#5 bumber



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Posted 27 March 2007 - 10:30 PM

i know you guys are trying to do what is right by keepin old stuff old but i myself read ALL the posts i come across, if its from today or 10 years ago and if i reply with anything that helped me with the same prob. and someone reads it its better than them starting a whole new thread for ALL of us to answer again so....

#6 MontrealHomegrown



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Posted 13 June 2007 - 06:24 PM

As far as Im concerned cowtipper is just adding content to the forum, even if its an old post as long as its relevant and helps people out it should be tolerated.. For example I was going through the old posts not long ago.. if people still read em why not update

btw.. anika isnt this thread somewhat of a spam.. you whining isnt helping anyone improve their bumping skillz :P

I just created this account maybe 4-5 hours ago and Ive posted maybe 14 messages by now.. Hopefully some of the stuff I posted you will find useful. but for one thing I had no idea that the admins had to review EVERY new post, for another I didnt even no about the free keys. Im just trying to learn about bumping and even if i read an old post if i have somthing to add ill do it. THe only time I was really spamming some useless b.s. was in the chatting section in one particular thread where everyone was doing the same.

To be honest I think it is still a good idea to even keep old threads alive, why bring up the same topics over and over... that dosnt seem logical either. By the way... to the admin who has to review all my posts, you got yer work cut out for ya sucka :P jk jk :biggrin:

This site is honestly great tho, I dont even have keys yet.. I just found out about bumping not even 24hrs ago and Im already confident with the help of this site I will be bumping (hopefully picking to ;)) in no time.