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Bumping BEST Locks

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#1 seventhexile


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Posted 22 February 2007 - 02:02 PM

Quick question on how to prop. make a bump key for Best Locks..

Here are some pic. of my key .. not sure how far down to cut it due to the fact that the key is just so big..

+ I've heard that BEST locks are un-bumpable..

anyways heres my key.. was wondering if anyone could give me feedback as to how far down to file it ..

thanks inadvance

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#2 theopratr


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Posted 22 February 2007 - 08:44 PM

Although they are not impossible to bump, BEST locks are much more difficult than most other pin tumblers, the reasons for which are extensively explored on this very forum. Thus, if you're new to bumping, don't start with a BEST.

So... whatcha trying to open? BEST locks are not very commonly found on residential dwellings, and forced entry to a door in an commercial structure, apartment complex or dorm is a felony, unless it is your own... that is, you own the lock in the door. Even if you're trying to get into your own room for the purpose of "academic study or enrichment", bumping by an amateur is a destructive process which will ruin the lock after repeated botched attempts. Landlords, employers and college masters are not happy when they have to replace expensive locks, and will generally comes after you when it breaks.

BEST locks are notorious for being ruined by bad bumping, as unlike almost all other locks on the market, they are stopped by the tip of the key as opposed to the shoulder. The tip of the key hits a stop plate in the interior of the lock, and thus bumping the lock very quickly damages this plate, making the lock inoperable.

And secondly, why are you filing that specific key? Get a blank, or a copy of that key; or even better, several copies of that key, and file those. It is highly improbable that your first homemade key will work, so having several will help. Lay the key down flat on a sheet of paper and post copies of each side, and we can probably identify your proper blank. (BEST has dozens of keyways with specific variants, so good, close-up photos are a must.)

But this brings me back to my first point. If you want to get into bumping, it would be better to go to your local hardware store, Walmart, or whatever... buy yourself an eight dollar generic deadbolt assembly that uses a no name lock with a Kwikset key. File the keys it comes with and beat that one into the ground, not a mounted lock that may or may not belong to you.

Any more questions, feel free to ask, but please browse the forums as many of your questions have probably already been answered. (Use the search forum and search for BEST if you are still compelled to make a BEST bump key, or just find more information on that type of lock.)

#3 BLK


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Posted 23 February 2007 - 12:15 PM

Wasn't it really slick how the bow was covered in pictures 9 and 10 so no one can see the identifiers? Wonder if it is another key from the United Men of Corkball? Or maybe, it is from an opposing team in the same league.
Bump it to the next level.

#4 Schneider



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Posted 14 April 2011 - 10:22 PM

I never tried on BEST locks but reading these post I think I have to give it a try. I presume that may be difficult but can be bumped.
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