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How to Ensure That Your Home Locks Are Burglar Proof

Posted by Customer Support , 15 January 2016 · 12,150 views

Over the years, a locksmith will have gained entry into thousands of homes on behalf of the homeowner, whether it was due to lost or stolen keys. Therefore, they clearly know what they are talking about when it comes to home security.

If you are in a situation where you need to utilize the services of a locksmith, you may be frightened after seeing how easy it is to gain entry to your house, if you have not taken adequate precautions.
This is why it is important to take the advice of a locksmith into consideration when you are thinking about overhauling the security of your house. Here is some advice that will help you navigate through the process and learn about which areas of your home are most vulnerable.

Always Ensure That You Have Deadbolts Installed On All of Your Exterior Doors
If you do not already have a deadbolt installed on your exterior doors, you are really opening yourself up to a potential robbery. Exterior doors are the most common form of entry for burglars and therefore need to receive adequate attention when devising security measures.

Deadbolts have a great reputation for being extremely reliable and easy to use. While some locking mechanisms are complex and require time to implement, deadbolts are activated with a simple turn of a key. The locks add an extra degree of strength to the door’s locking system as once activated, the device will extend a steel bolt into the door jamb itself. This means that burglars can no longer simply snap the cylinder of a low security door lock and gain entry into the house. Deadbolts cannot be easily tampered with, especially when a bump proof device is installed.
When installing a deadbolt, you should always consider the positioning of it on your door. You do not want it within reach of a glass pane or window, as a burglar can simply smash the glass, stick their hand in and open the door if the key is close by. Some people prefer to have an additional deadbolt positioned near the bottom of the door itself, well out of reach from a potential burglar. However, you do need to keep in mind your local area’s fire safety rules and regulations, as they sometimes do not allow householders to install deadbolts near the bottom of a door due to safety concerns in the case of a fire.
As is the same with any good or service that you are purchasing, it pays off to do in depth research on the type of deadbolt you purchase and install. It is well worth investing in a quality deadbolt lock that will be effective for many years, as it gives you a certain peace of mind when you are in or away from your house. The experts on lock security will always be more than happy to help if you have any questions or queries on the matter.

Ensure That Your Doors Have a Sturdy and Secure Structure
While it is all well and good having strong and secure locks, it is a fruitless endeavor if the door itself is an area of weakness. You need to have a door that has a solid core that is made out of a sturdy material, such as metal. This means that someone cannot simply kick through the door and gain entry to the house. While panes of glass in a door can be aesthetically pleasing, this is a major area of weakness as the burglar can simply smash the glass and gain entry.

One of the weakest areas of a door is the strike plate. This is found on the jamb of the door and if it is a low quality plate, it will often bend and cave in if adequate pressure is applied to it. It is well worth your while investing in a specific security strike plate that is re-enforced and is well secured into the door jamb.

Make Sure You Keep Track Of All of Your Keys
While it is a good idea to have a spare set of keys somewhere in case you have lost your usual set, people are often too laid back in their approach to spare keys.
Your best option is to give a spare set of keys to a trusted neighbor, family member or friend. This means that you don’t have to call the locksmith to open your doors and change the locks every time you misplace your keys.

Some people simply do not have anyone close by to where they live that they can entrust a spare set of keys to. Therefore, one of the only alternatives they have is to hide a set of keys in a safe place. Unfortunately, many people do not put much effort or thought into where they hide their keys.

The most common hiding places for a spare key is under the door mat, under a flower pot or in a fake stone that you buy from a security store. Burglars know these common hiding spots and will look in these areas first to see if there is a key lying around. If you are one of these people, you are making it extremely easy for the burglar to gain entry into your home.

So simply forget hiding a key at all. Trying to hide a key in the bushes is not advisable and should be avoided at all costs

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Nice tips. I'd say I will have to work on tracking all of my keys :-) I hide them to place where it is hard to find that I myself having a hard time finding them lol.. 


Well it  happened once. This time I save a message or hint on my phone where i kept the keys ;-)

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Uni Lock Man
Oct 04 2016 12:01 AM

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