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Brief overview of the advancement of lock picking

Posted by Customer Support , 11 January 2016 · 1,526 views

Lock picking and lock bumping are widely known as the art of unlocking a lock by devising how to unlock it and then the controlling and moving of the various portions, gear and mechanisms within the lock itself. Normally this is all accomplished with minimal to no damage to the lock, its casing or the internal parts. Since there is no damage provided to the lock, if the circumstances would call for, the lock could easily be reestablished back into lock position easily and effectively. Throughout time, the art of lock picking has been associated with cat burglars, thieves and other such members of the criminal underworld. Yet even today, there is a proud tradition and profession known as locksmithing. These individuals have proven to be extremely useful in emergencies and a variety of other situations. Whether you are locked out of your car, your house or even you lose the combination to your safe, there is an entire community of professionals that can help you with your problem. They can work with you to “get in” to wherever you need to go. Yes, you will most likely have to pay for the service but like the old saying goes, nothing worth having in this world ever comes for free.
Where did lock picking come from? The art of lock picking was developed shortly after the time the lock was invented, which has been tracked to when civilization started and goes back to mid evil time, which was also documented back all the way to ancient Egypt. When the first treasure was captured and stored away for safe keeping, people were determined to figure a way into the safe location and retrieve the treasure for themselves. It may sound silly or even from a story line of Dungeons and Dragons, but none the less, lock picking has been around for centuries.

Only recently did bump keys become available to the general public through websites. These tools, lock bumper keys and the like, have a long history in the locksmithing world. Some in times past called them a "locksmiths trick" since normally only locksmiths had access to the key stock and machines necessary to create their own. Sure you can make your own bump key but what usually ends up happening is that you'll either file too deep or not deep enough on the key resulting in a near-useless key.
How has lock picking evolved over time? As locks have evolved, the tools and skills for lock picking has evolved as well. Heck, we now have tools that practically do all the picking for you. Obviously it has evolved throughout time, and incorporated many new evolutions throughout its lifespan. From using the first lever and pick to more sophisticated tools and equipment. However, through all of the advancements and improvements in security, since the 1850’s there has not been a lock that is completely unbeatable. There is never a solid feeling in today’s world of “Perfect security”. That term would be the feeling that someone would have when they are placing something that they term valuable under security in some manner or another. Whether that is with lock and key, laser beam grids or even electronic and computer-ific firewalls. Today’s cyber world has their own “lock pickers” in it as well as reality, and they are normally known as hackers. Everyone has heard of these individuals, and no company is safe. Don’t believe me? Ask Target and Home Depot, since both were hacked and several hundreds of thousands of accounts and personal information was compromised. All of this is simply the next evolution of lock picking and lock bumping.
So how does one learn to lock pick? Well you can go the solitary way by getting yourself some locks and a lock picking set online. From there you can either learn through books, trial and error or even going to the world renown conveyer of information and entertainment, YouTube. Now if you want a more professional and structured approach to this education, which is something I would recommend, then you can always find a locksmith and apprentice under them. Now this may be a little more time consuming and demanding on your schedule, but personal interacting with someone with years of knowledge, in my opinion is a much smarter and efficient route to become an expert at something than through self-taught lessons and solitary work.
How should someone feel more secure in their house? Good question. My suggestions would be to first have a sturdy front door and no visibly weak entrances to your home. From there you will want a solid lock from a well-known reputable company. I would take it a step further and add a deadbolt lock Another important step to keeping your home, valuables and children safe would be to have a strong firewall installed on your home wireless network. You will want a secured firewall with password protection and a strong encryption on it. There is not a 100% guarantee that these suggestions are going to keep everything safe, but they are solid first steps to making this more secure than if there was nothing in place.
This article was written to not only give you an understanding as to what lock picking is but also to give some advice on security. We also touched on the history or lock picking and even the pursuit of learning the skill if that is something you would like to take on. One thing to remember is that when it comes to security, in today’s world you will want to make sure you are being safe everywhere. We all know how great it can be going to Starbucks with your laptop and zoning out on the free Wi-Fi to some well needed internet surfing. The one thing to remember is that if you don’t have a firewall on your computer, that to a well-trained “electronic lock picker” all of your computer’s information can be compromised. Again, the purpose of this article is to make you aware that anything valuable needs to be protected and secured to make sure that it doesn’t get taken away be someone who is well trained in the art of lock picking.

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