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Why You Should Consider Buying a Bump Proof Lock

Posted by Customer Support , 23 December 2015 · 1,822 views

Many people who worry about the security of their home are nowadays buying bump proof locks for their exterior doors. These deadbolt locks help in preventing criminals from entering your home with a technique that is easy and widespread, known as lock bumping. If you don’t know what lock bumping is, it is a technique of lockpicking that picks conventional locks with a key that is specially cut - called the bump key. This key is inserted into the lock, the back of it needs to be slowly tapped, the pins are above the shear line, and by continuously tapping and applying a small rotation force, the key could be turned and you can unlock the door. Bump proof locks cannot be picked with this key, but only if the exterior doors of your home are secured with them.

Everyone Knows How to Use Them

These keys have been around for almost 50 years, but only locksmiths have been using them and a really small percentage of people. Nowadays, the number of individuals who know about lock picking and lock bumping has grown dramatically thanks to the internet. Millions of lock picks and bump keys have been sold in the last couple of years and no one actually needs instruction manuals on how to use them, because people are posting videos on YouTube on how to do it. So, if someone just owns this key or a lock pick, he or she can unlock any door without any training or skill.

Many Keyless Locks Can Also Be Unlocked with Bump Keys
Many people have decided on buying electronic, radio frequency and biometrics locks in recent years. Most of these locks also come with key cylinders, so that the door can be opened if the keyless lock malfunctions. The sad part is that a majority of these key cylinders are the same as common mechanical locks and that means that they can be opened with a bump key. Only a small percentage of keyless locks have bump proof lock cylinders, and maybe there are just a couple of them that don’t have key cylinders in them.

It Has Become a Major Security Issue
Everyone should realize that lock bumping has become a major security issue and that it should be taken seriously. People need to be aware of this security problem and realize how important it is to secure their entrance doors with locks that are bump proof. Everyone needs to be informed - the more the better - so that no one would get blindsided by this major security issue. In the last couple of years, many news programs have been warning the public to take some precautions against this security problem, according to FBI statistics, and to act responsibly in protecting their families and homes. The best way to do that is by purchasing bump proof locks.

They Are Not Expensive
Most bump proof locks can be found for a small price, but this does not affect their quality. It is only important that bump proof locks are durable enough so that they can take a certain level of force that a possible intruder may impact when breaking an entering. When purchasing bump proof locks, it is recommended that they are certified. Certified locks pass a series of tests and they have to meet the high criteria for durability and quality. And, we all know that getting a quality bump proof lock for your home door is of great importance.
We hope that you found this information helpful and that it will be useful you in your decision when buying a bump proof lock or a high security lock for your home. Since this has really become a major security issue in the last couple of years and bump keys are really easy to obtain nowadays, we believe that you should buy a bump proof lock, so that you can protect your family and your home.

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