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Bump Keys For Your Home

Posted by Customer Support , 04 May 2011 · 3,180 views

bump keys residential lock bumping
The normal house in the United States and Canada use pin tumbler locks. Unlike car locks which use wafer locks, pin tumbler locks are susceptible to an easy form of lock picking; lock bumping or bump keys.

While there are several options to make your home locks "bump proof" the majority of North America still uses easily pickable locks. The easiest solution to prevent lock bumping at your house is to use one of our Deadbolt Secure locking systems. When this system is properly installed opening the lock from the outside is impossible. The lock will not even turn if a stolen key is used on the lock.

Are you trying to find out if the lock on your home is bumpable? The probability is high that one of our bump keys will fit the lock just fine. Grab one of our lock bumping keys and give it a shot. Does it open? Are you secure? It should only take a few moments to verify one way or the other.

Good suggestion. Thank you for the tips. :-)

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You have shared really amazing tips it can save my money from calling locksmith.

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