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What Are Bump Keys?

Posted by Customer Support , 27 August 2010 · 2,713 views

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What are Bump Keys?
It can be mesmerizing to watch a professional locksmith open a lock with a few small tools and a few moments of your time. They have many tools that are used to open up different types of locks and doors, but the bump key is one common tool of the trade.

A standard home or business lock is made with two pins that rest on top of each other inside of the casing. When your key slides in, it pushes the pins up to the correct level needed so that the two pins separate as the lock is turned. In order to take advantage of this, a bump key is made so that the pins are pushed up the minimal level needed by specifically cutting it to fit the lock’s specifications.

Bump keys are very simple looking, and can be made with any blank key that is designed to fit a brand’s lock. In this sense, at first glance, a bump key will look like a legitimate key to a lock. But it’s how the key is used that makes it so useful to locksmiths, police, fire, and even real estate personnel.

Bump keys are effective because they force the pins to rise to the correct level for the lock to turn. The bump key is inserted into the lock just before the last pin. Then, something is struck against the end of the key, sending energy into the pins, causing the top pins to jump above the “shear line”, allowing the handle to turn and the door to open. Just a slight bit of rotational force is applied as they’re being struck in order for the handle to be open.

By using this method, it is possible to open a lock to a house or business without destroying the lock or the door. The process does very little damage to the mechanisms in the lock, and this can often make it a favorite for criminals to use to enter a building. Because there is no visible damage to the lock, it can even make it hard to file a claim with an insurance company, because it leaves no evidence.

Bump keys have been around for several years, though mostly in Europe. The process of lock bumping, however, has been around for almost a century, and has been utilized by locksmiths for years to help you open a lock when you’ve forgotten a key.

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Without  equipment  you're  not  able  to  repair  the  shear  line  so  without  locksmith  tools  you 're  not  able  to  access  it .. .

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