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New BEST Bump Keys

Posted by Customer Support , 06 August 2010 · 3,079 views

bump keys
We have MANY new hard-to-find types of BEST BUMP KEYS available. These keys were recently added and are a niche product as they are not that popular of a key way. In all, we added about 13 new types of BEST Bump Keys.

We had one customer request the BEST WA series. When the request for the BEST WA came in, it was not an item that we normally stocked. We did, however, tell the customer that we would put the key on order and cut it using our special ITL-9700 code cutting machine. The only alternative for the customer was to try and locate the BEST WA key and cut it at home since it was not a stocked item anywhere.

Long story short: If you need a key that we do not stock, please use the 'contact us' link at the top of our site and request it! Many of our unique and pro bump keys have been added to our catalog because someone just like you requested it. Now, we can't make promises, but we will do our best to accommodate.