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Super Bump Keys

Posted by Customer Support , 08 January 2010 · 1,238 views

Super Bump Keys

A common question we get asked is what are super bump keys? This is a type of key that we make specifically for the purpose of lock entry and when used properly can be used to unlock virtually any lock that the key fits into. Our Super keys are useful for a number of profession ranging from security specialists to locksmiths.

The question that needs to be asked is: When to use a bump key? If you find yourself frequently trying to gain access to locked buildings and padlocks then you should definitely give bump keys a shot. While there is a chance the lock could be damaged by bumping it, the best that could happen is that you're able to unlock the lock in about 2 'whacks' of a hammer. A downside? If the bump key set doesn't work you're forced to pick the lock normally.

Give the keys from BumpKey.US a shot.... or should I say bump?