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Key Bump and Your Home

Posted by Customer Support , 28 December 2009 · 929 views

Key Bump and You

Unless you've been living in a cave for the past 3 years, the availability of bump keys has expanded by sites like key bump offering them online for sale. Let's first start with a bit of background information and then we'll dive right into how you can protect yourself and and your family.

So what is a key bump?
A key bump is the actual method of using a bump key to open a pin tumbler lock with ease. The simple truth is that the vast majority (more than 80%) of pin tumbler locks in North America are susceptible to our unique lock bumping technique. The key bump works in such a matter, that when used properly, the potential for damage to the locking mechanism is substantially reduced.

Picture of Key Bump

This key bump looks like any 'normal key' with the one exception that it has uniform peaks and valleys on the key; this layout is indicative of a key bump.

Protect From Key Bumps

Preventing lock bumping is as simple as replacing the locks that you rely on for protection. This means taking out the old, useless, locks that are most likely in use as you read this article. Once you've removed them we suggest utilizing a higher protection keying system such as a Medco or Schlage Primus high-security lock. If replacing a lock is out of the question, one of the simplest methods of prevention is to install motion activated outdoor lights. Other prevention techniques include: owning big loud dogs, keeping doors and windows actually locked, installing a monitored alarm system, and utilizing time-based automatic lights.

Buy Key Bump
As mentioned earlier in this post, it's possible to buy bump keys online and start using them within a matter of days. Sure, a bit of practice is required to properly use a key bump. But, as the saying goes: "bumping a lock is like riding a bike -- you never forget how to do it" you're sure to have success if you just stick with it and keep on lock bumping.