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Kwikset Bump Key

Posted by Customer Support , 08 December 2009 · 1,856 views

What is a Kwikset Bump Key?

The Kwikset Bump Key is a key that will work for a number of different locking systems. In addition to working on all Kwikset 5 pin keyways, the Kwikset Bump Key will also work for the following locking systems: Defiant, Gatehouse, and Masterlock. Due to the many manufactures that choose to utilize the KW1 key way, this single bump key is able to cover a very wide range of locking systems.

Using a Kwikset Bump Key

Using a Kwikset KW1 Bump Key is very straight forward:

  • Insert key into the key way. If it fits, chances are good that you will be able to use the KW1 for this lock.
  • Pull bump key out one 'click' (one pin, to be exact).
  • Apply a VERY slight turning force to the Kwikset Bump Key (Pro Tip: Use just enough force to turn the lock. No more).
  • Strike the back of the key with a hard object, like the handle of a screw drive.
  • Your lock is now open.
With a bit of practice and the right tools you'll be open the Kwiket lock in no time!