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Bump Key Template

Posted by Customer Support , 31 October 2009 · 2,455 views

Bump Key Template

Compare this template, follow the guide, and you'll be well on your way to being able to http://www.bumpkeybook.comquite easily.

On our custom template there are 11 different bump keys - cut how we make them here in our shop (using our code key cutting machine. If the keys you make are looking similar to ours then you're on the right track.

The most common problem associated with hand made bump keys is that individuals do not leave enough of a peak on the key. If this happens there's a change peaks on the key will totally miss the pins inside the lock . Due to this reason, we suggest filing the key down, but not all the way, and then giving it a whack inside the lock. If it opens - great - you've got a bump key. However, if the lock does not turn you can now try to file a bit more off the key.

Just remember, once the bump key has been filed it's no longer possible to put metal back on the key.