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Bump Key Sets

Posted by Customer Support , 30 October 2009 · 604 views

Bump key Sets

The perfect bump key set includes a vast array of keys for the types of locks you're likely to encounter.

So the question now becomes "which bump key do I need?". This depends on a few factors; do you routinely deal with commercial locks or do you mainly need access to residential properties? How about padlocks?

Bump keys work much better when the manufacture is know before you try and bump the lock. In many situations it's possible to use one bump key for a whole subdivision. For example, in "cookie cutter" subdivisions that were built by one or several contractors the keying system in place is usually identical (the same type is used, just key differently for each property) making bumping the lock that much easier.

If you're interested in a generic set, have a look at one of our most popular sets; the 11 key bump key set. The reason the 11 key set is so popular is because it contains fair coverage for residential locks and some padlock applications. We do not suggest this set if you're interested in commercial applications since there are no 'sole' commercial keys in this set.

The next step up is the 18 key bump key set which provides better coverage of residential, and limited coverage of commercial applications (the BE2 bump key is included).

If you want to cover just commercial locks we offer the 10 key BEST commercial bump key set these keys, cut from a harder Nickel Silver, are designed to function with ONLY the BEST series locks.

The simple fact of the matter is, with our pro bump keys you'll end up with a set that should last for years and many, many, many lock bump attempts.