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Depth Keys

Posted by Customer Support , 30 October 2009 · 928 views

Depth Keys

So what's the purpose of a depth key?

The main purpose of a depth key is to allow a locksmith to cut key blanks for a particular key according to set manufactures depth spacing without having to own a key code cutting machine, like the one we own and operate. While bump keys are cut in a similar fashion to depth keys, they really have two different applications and should not be confused with each other.

If depth keys are used correctly, there is no need actually buy a code cutting machine to make exact 'code cut' keys.

The process is actually quite simple:

Tools required duplicator (we suggest manual or semi automatic), depth key set, and a key blank.
Say you know the code, or decipher it from the customer's key. The customer's key is a Kwikset KW1 coded 47532.
  • Take out your KW1 depth key set. Find the depth key labeled '4' and put it in the duplicators vise. Put the key blank in the other vise.
  • Cut the first cut, cut it to the '4'
  • Remove the '4' key and proceed to cut the second cut -- which will be cut to a '7'.
  • Repeat first step moving one cut at a time while removing the key.
That's it. Extremely easy to do and once you've got the most common depth keys you're able to accurately cut keys to code using this simple process.
It's also worth noting that we do not suggest buying depth keys which were cut on a duplicator as they will not be as accurate as the ones we offer.