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Making a bump key

Posted by Customer Support , 04 February 2009 · 630 views

We're getting ready to release a new ebook on our main lock bumping site that should cover all the bases in regards to bump keys.

Here you'll find a section straight from our book that deals with making keys:

Bump keys are keys that have all of the cuts made to the deepest level required for a key made by that specific manufacturer for that particular model of lock. It is also necessary to remove a little bit of the metal on the tip and the shoulder of the key as well. The shoulder of a key is the part of the key that prevents the key from entering the lock too deeply as shown in the picture below. By hitting the bump key while it is in the lock, it is possible to apply an even impact to each pin column that causes them to separate as if struck using a pick gun. Bump keys will work in many locks that pick gun needles will not fit into. Since these keys are cut to the deepest level they are often referred to as "999 keys". Typically, "777 keys" are used for dimple locks.

If you're interested in reading more about bump key production take a look at our http://www.bumpkeyforum.com