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Kwikset Bump Key

Posted by Customer Support , 07 September 2009 · 707 views

The Kwikset bump key is one of our most popular bump keys.
Our 'normal' method of cutting the KW1 is to cut it using the manufactures guidelines. However, this may not always be the desired method for every application. The normal KW1 key we offer is quite wide and this might present a problem for customers who need to bump aftermarket (NOT OEM) pined locks as many of these non-oem pins are much more narrow.

Kwikset Bump Key

Que the Kwikset KW1-Narrow bump key. This key is cut using the exact same machines our Kwikset KW1-Wides are cut on, but, are machined to a much more narrow valley.

We've had success bumping non Kwikset pinned locks with our Narrow key due to the fact that it's got higher peaks and the peaks are closer together.

Have a look at the Kwikset bump key