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How To Make A Bump Key

Posted by Customer Support , 02 September 2009 · 663 views

How to make a Bump Key

If you have the know-how and the right tools, bump keys can be custom made to match your current set of keys. Bump keys are simply skeleton-type keys which can be used in place of standard keys to open locks. They are good to have if you have problems keeping track of your keys or get locked out of your home or office. To open all types of locks except high security locks, insert the bump key in the lock then take it back out one notch. Hit the key sharply back in place which forces the pins to drop and enables you to turn the key to open the lock. This technique will not work on high security locks as they do not use a pin system.

The experts can be found at bump keys and on this forum. There you can get all the blank keys and advice you need for your projects. The bump key works by forcing the pins to drop in the grooves, so it's important to cut deep gaps all the way to the grooved edge, but not beyond it. Try to imitate the original key at the base. It is best to buy them premade unless you want to try to make them.