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Today Show Lock Picking - Master Key

Posted by Customer Support , 02 August 2009 · 673 views

NBC's Today Show Lock Picking Pin Tumbler

We were notified that NBC's Today Show did a special on lock picking using the lock bumping method but never actually said what our tool was called. They reffered to the tool as: a special master key, special lock picking technique, bouncing the pins, quick and easy lock picking technique, and a specially cut key.

In the clip there was also a mention about an "ACTUAL BURGLARY". It's interesting to note that this burglary was made possible by the homeowner having a "doggie door".

Where do I get this special key?

We suggest visiting our official lock bumping site for further info and keys.

Other highlights:
  • Marc Tobias was on hand as their on screen security expert.
  • They correctly stated that automobiles were not at risk of lock bumping.
  • The "special hammer" was a bump key hammer.