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Burn Notice Features Bump Key

Posted by Customer Support , 21 July 2009 · 876 views

USA Networks Burn Notice featured a 'spy like' way to gain easy access to any lock using a bump key!

An acquaintance of mine, who also happens to like http://www.usanetwor...ies/burnnotice/, sent me an e-mail letting me know about episode 5 of season 3. In episode 5, Michael (the burned spy) uses a a hand made bump key to gain access to a locked office.

While making your bump key is fine and dandy, we all know that bumpkey.us is the place to go for pre-made bump keys! It would have been much easier for Michael to simply visit bumpkey.us' website, place an order, and then use a machine cut bump key.
Even if he didn't know the exact key he needed, he could have gotten a bump key set and have his bases covered.