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Intra Lock ITL 9700

Posted by Customer Support , 16 April 2009 · 1,477 views

Intralock ITL 9700 Code Machine

A couple people asked us about our ITL 9700 and we thought we'd respond here for anyone interested.

1.) What are your general thoughts on the ITL 9700?
First a little history: Our first code machine (and still in use today) was a http://www.kaba-ilco..._cyl.aspx?id=20, while it served it's purpose well we felt that an upgrade was warranted. We looked at many different manufactures before we settled on the Intra lock. The number one reason we picked the 9700? Reliability. Everything we read raved about the 9700's duty cycle and how 'hard it could be worked'. Seeing as, some days, we cut in excess of 1,000 keys duty cycle is very important to us.
The machine's shipping weight is just about 80 LBS - it's heavy duty and is built like a tank.
The button layout is functional. It can be a frustrating going into the config menu when changes are needed to be made as a sequence of about 5 keys needs to be pressed. We find the most frequent reason for accessing the config menu is to change the cut rate speed. Once the cut speed has been adjusted the machine needs to be soft reset (reset button) -- no big deal.

2.)Have you had any problems with the ITL-9700?
None. Zero. Ziltch. We've but several thousand keys through the machine without so much as a hick-up.

3.)Have you used a computer yet to control the Intralock?
Nope. Yes, we know how to use computers, the need hasn't arisen. If someone is interested in our take on the computer interface we'd be willing to do it. Let us know in the comments if this is something you want to know more about.

4.)How is the machine shipped?
Our machine arrived via UPS. Padded VERY well with custom made Styrofoam, box taped with plastic bands holding the box together. Wow.

5.)Have you had any miss cuts?
Yes. As our keys are cut very deep, occasionally some keys (i'm looking at you WR5) will slightly tilt in the machine and cause it to be cut incorrectly. This is just a fact of life with these keys. It happened on our Ilco machine and it will more than likely happen on the next machine we buy. The problem might be solved by tightening down the clamp a lot more then we already do. The problem with this? On a previous machine we used the threads inside the clamp actually stripped due to over tightening - not something we want to happen to our new machine.

5.)Can you post to twitter from the ITL?
(This was a real question) Sadly, twitter can not be used from the ITL. MAJOR

If you have any further questions please feel free to post in the comments sections. If you'd like to see videos we can do that, too!