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Welcome to our blog!

Posted by Customer Support , 01 February 2009 · 785 views

We'll be using this system as another avenue to keep you abreast of what's going on at our forum.

In addition to this blog news will be posted to our newsletter (sign up on our main site at www.bumpkey.us ) and twitter (http://www.twitter.com/bumpkey ).

Our newsletter is meant only for the most important news items and will only be sent a maximum of 1 time a month. News, coupon codes, and new features will be sent.
Our blog here will be updated more frequently and will contain less important news item.

Our twitter page might just very well contain general chit-chat.

It is important to note each avenue might not contain the same savings. For example, we might use twitter for a special time sensitive saving code that's only good for 12 hours whereas coupons sent via newsletter might be valid for more uses and a longer period of time since it's distributed to more people.

Hope you enjoy, yet another, avenue for us to say in contact with you!

Edit: Oh yes... I forgot to mention that if anyone wants to blog here on bumpkeyforum.com send us a private message and we'll work it from there. Blogging could be useful to share your experiences with bump keys.