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#8238 What type of people/professions use bump keys?

Posted by LogiGoi on 07 January 2016 - 12:52 PM

Using bump keys doesn't require a profession...it is already by default that locksmiths are the ones making it after all it was their job and skills that put the bump keys into existence...whatever your profession is, you can use a bump key,...just don't make using bump key to other people's door lock your profession...

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#6970 Bump Keys vs Locks

Posted by redcity on 02 January 2014 - 06:27 PM

I would say that the biggest part of locks can be opened using bump keys except for the very expensive ones made for special buildings they would have deadbolts and trap pins. Search for non-bumpable locks if you are willing to buy one and yes they are certainly safer.

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#6950 Making your own bump keys

Posted by LAlocksport on 02 January 2014 - 04:43 AM

So we can all agree that it's better to buy one :) Except if you somehow don't own equipment for producing bump keys.

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#4622 History Of Lock Bumping

Posted by Customer Support on 20 April 2008 - 12:57 AM

History of Lock Bumping

How did the fascinating technique of lock bumping get its start? When did this lock bypass system begin to come to the attention of the public? What’s that, anyway? Let’s explore the interesting history of lock bumping and look at a few important details pertaining to it.

Lock bumping has been around for a long time. Some estimates place the beginnings of lock bumping to about 50 years ago. This special technique allows a special type of key to be used in any lock of the same type. Most of the locks that are currently being manufactured are susceptible to the skilled use of a bump key.

Tumbler locks are the most widespread style of lock in use today. The system of pins is quite simple. A series of pins are spring-stacked to hold the rotating bolt of the lock mechanism in place. Because the pins are all different lengths, one usually uses a custom cut key to open the lock. The grooves on the key “tickle” the pins and lift them out of the way enough to let the bolt slide away, resulting in an unlocked door. However, a bump key can do the same job even though all its grooves are the same depth.

Public knowledge of lock bumping really began in the 1970’s, when Danish locksmiths distributed a method for bypassing the tumbler lock mechanism. They would tap on the side of the cylinder and simultaneously press the lock plug (in our case, one would press the back of the bump key). The vibration would cause the pins to become loose; once this happened, the lock plug could be removed easily.

The advent of bump keys came much later. Surprisingly, they were not even considered a security problem until 2002 or 2003. The German media was the first to pick up on the possible hazards of lock bumping keys. Other organizations published carefully considered reports on the uses, techniques, and hazards of lock bumping. Papers have also been written about the possible legal problems connected with bump key usage. Although in many States a bump key is considered by law to be a “burglary tool”, this is no reason to avoid them. This law is not going to harm you as long as you use the bump key for legitimate purposes. Currently, there must be proof that there was intent to use the bump key in a burglary before you can be charged with anything.

Lock bumping can be a beneficial skill. It is an easy way to get back in if you are locked out of your home or office. You can make a bump key for free with a simple file, and it takes minimal training to learn how to use it. Don’t ever go through the frustration of being locked out of your own home (or your own personal safe) again. Learn how to use a bump key and practice until you know you can get past the tumbler locks in your home. One day, you’ll be glad you did.

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#8335 Correct Spacing For Gaps

Posted by redcity on 13 January 2016 - 06:57 AM

Follow these guidelines, it may prove handy 


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#8168 Bump Key On eBay

Posted by TanVanMan on 04 January 2016 - 04:34 AM

Please be informed that reviews on eBay now are being sold to make the seller look more trusted. I suggest to get a recommendation from a friend if they have past order with the said seller. 

Right.. sad truth. And actually not just on eBay but most of the online products being sold. They pay for a good reviews and number of likes :-( Mostly but not all. There are still real and honest reviews out there. I do that as well. I mean when I like a certain product or shop I will take my time to leave a nice review. But most of the time I do reviews for those products or services that's NOT worth buying or using for me to somehow help consumers not to commit the same mistake that I had.

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#8076 My Big Dick Bump Hammer

Posted by redcity on 29 December 2015 - 02:53 AM

Somewhere in this forum i have seen people mentioning about using shoe heel as a bump hammer, as long as they know when to hit, how to it and how much to it, smile.png

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#7563 Bump key and a bump hammer the two words that co-exist in my dictionary

Posted by redcity on 08 December 2015 - 09:43 AM

Well you have lost your original key and you have to unlock your closet and you don't have any clue how to fix this, then suddenly you call a friend and ask for help. He told you to get a bump key from a locksmith nearby your home. You did get that key and tried to unlock the closet but something went wrong, while trying to unlock the closet you happened to damage the lock as you were applying so much force on your bump key. These kind of mistakes are often ignored when talking about bump keys, but prior to use a key you must have a high quality bump hammer. Without a balanced bump hammer, there are chances that the pins of the lock get dislocated and you wouldn't be able to use it in future. So a balanced bump hammer is essential for the right bumping techniques.

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#7540 DIY bump key..could you have a look please?

Posted by smaua on 25 November 2015 - 08:17 AM

Hi everybody,

I made these 2 keys just by copying one low cut on another key..with a machine but moving the key along and realigning it every time..found it quite hard cause any small misalignment and the key is wasted.


Basically it's the first time i try to make a bump key..and from what i can figure out, they are pretty good, obviously they don't work though. The only thing that i can see that is wrong is that the cuts go in a kind of slope, going up at the tip of the key..? I am wondering if that's all that is wrong or if you can see anything else? As well as if thats the only thing, wondering if you have any suggestions/tricks of how to copy this key without the slope problem? Feels like it will be a pain aligning it to fix the slope.


Thanks a lot!

p.s. i am trying to make these myself with just a key cutter/copier and a known 9 cut..and not to buy any ready made key..so i understand it's hard but still would like to try to make a working bump key this way. 









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#6963 The Reasons Behind Learning to Bump Key

Posted by redcity on 02 January 2014 - 06:07 PM

I am learning this for the passion of it only, I was just reading an article about that and I thought Oh Well I want to know more so I found this informative forum .. and it's illegal where I live yes, or at least it's very risky.

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#6958 Beginners

Posted by redcity on 02 January 2014 - 05:59 PM

If you use it for the first time and use it wisely, it is very unlikely that it would be damaged. Maybe if you overdo it yes but just once I don't think so. Research well and I encourage you to practise.

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#6894 Using a bump key without damadging the lock is it possible?

Posted by LAlocksport on 29 December 2013 - 01:00 PM

It also depends on how crafty the user of the bump key is. Anyway if you are calm and careful, the lock won't be damaged.

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#6881 Just curious: what do you guys need lock bumping for?

Posted by Customer Support on 29 December 2013 - 12:39 PM

Hello there Red --


I've been personally interested in lock bumping for the past 8 years.  I first found out about it from a co-worker of mine. It seemed like a great way to simplify our job (lock out specialist / locksmith) so we decided to do some investigation.  It turned out that bump keys WERE a great way to unlock doors and figured that if we can make so well, why don't we sell them too?  And here we are today.

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#2937 OFFICIAL THREAD: can't get bump keys to work

Posted by revdclark on 12 April 2007 - 05:30 AM

Erwin, you're right: what a rush! I've been trying now for several weeks, and got absolutely nothing. I re re read the posts about mininal movement method, and filed my copied key to the specs. After about 5-6 trys-POW what a rush! I'm using a kw-1 handheld deadbolt. My hammer is a cheap hacksaw blade with a rubber stopper attached. very little twist, and a very light bump. Thanks! All I can say to the other people not having any luck: re-re-read all the posts, follow what works for others, and bump it to the next level.
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#2873 Car locks

Posted by austin_g93 on 06 April 2007 - 01:08 AM

:smile: Ok, I understand that bumping doesn't work on car locks. I have been locked out of my car way too many times and I am getting tired of paying the locksmith or the auto repair company to fix my window.:biggrin: I was wondering if anyone knew of a relatively easy way to open a locked car. I would like some suggestions on what to buy and what not. Thanks in advance if you can help!!
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#2794 1,000 key set in stock!

Posted by kespup on 01 April 2007 - 02:25 PM

I just ordered 2 sets. The tips and shoulders on this set have been modified to perfection for the minimal movement method. And this set is shipped FedEx overnight for FREE!
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#2538 I was kicked out of Lockpicking 101!!! Oh No!!!!!

Posted by bentpick on 15 March 2007 - 06:39 PM

I simply gave them some criticism regarding the elitist attitude they convey...unlike this site which is way cool!! i mentioned their attitude toward secret info (only available to members that have proved themselves to the high priests who run the site) was funny...I pointed out that their secret info (which includes bump key info...ha ha), is completely available via Google....I guess I insulted the religious leaders a little too much!! Be careful about asking questions that are about 'SECRET' info...you might get punished!!!

Live on Bump Key Forum!!!!!
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#2449 I think I made my lock un-bumpable

Posted by BLK on 11 March 2007 - 04:41 PM

As far as physics is concerned, the top pin would be the only pin to move up above the shear line regardless of how many pins are below it.

As a point of clarification, KwikSet locks have 7 cut depths. I have not played with which bottom pins would have to be put together to make a 6 or 7 cut, but I may do that just to see which ones it takes for each. If the origingal key works, then the cut on the original key would have to be fairly close to correct for the new pin stack (fairly close is all it takes for KwikSet usually).

Solution: try filing down the cuts on the bump key you are using. I would only file it down a few thousandths of an inch, then try bumping the lock again.

Solution: transferring energy through an extra pin in 1 stack may take a harder hit on the key.

Could you take the lock apart, stack the pins as they are in the lock and take pictures to post to show what you have done? I have 40 or 50 extra KwikSet deadbolts laying around, so I may play with this to see if I can duplicate what you have done.

Aside: I bump locks that are master pinned a lot and do not have any more problem bumping them that with ones that are not mastered.
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#164 HOWTO: File Down Tip And Shoulder

Posted by packrat2 on 27 August 2006 - 09:54 AM


your instructions indicate to file .05 mm from the tip and shoulder.
that seems insufficient. per the toool pdf, they say the amount that should
be removed is more like .5mm
did you make a typo?
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#10 Forum rules

Posted by Customer Support on 08 August 2006 - 08:58 PM

I would first like to welcome you to BumpKeyForum.com!

This is a user controlled site - you - the user decides what will be in these pages.

There are a few simple rules we ask everyone to follow:

1) Read up before asking! There are tons of guides, FAQs and each forum has a dedicated Q&A thread with additional info.

1a) Use the search function before posting. Chances are your question has already been answered.

2) Respect the netiquette: Lurk and get to know the forum before you post.

3) Keep the focus: Questions outside the scope of a certain forum will either be moved, locked or simply be deleted.

4) Be nice to each other and respect the moderator. Profanity and insults will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with another member turn to the respective moderator and if the moderator can't help you send a private message to admin.

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12) How NOT to post on this forum:

-5 minutes after your initial post you reply to your own post writing something like "Why is nobody helping me? I'm sure you know the answer". Once somebody replies to your thread but doesn't give you exactly the answer you've been expecting you insult them.

-Do not ask "what's best" because this question cannot be answered objectively. Each and everyone has their own view about what's best in a certain area. The best is what works best for you!

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